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Information about 7th June Election

Register to vote & other related information:

Anyone 18 years of age and legally resident in Ireland can vote in Local Election. You don’t need to be an Irish Citizen to vote in Local Election. Students or anyone working here from other European or non European countries can register and vote in the local election.

Please try to register as soon as possible from the websites below.

www.checktheregister.ie  or 

www.voter.ie .

You can register easily from online and at your ease.

The closing date for applications to be added to the postal/special voter’s list is the 11th of May 2024 (Saturday ).

The closing date for applications to register to vote or update your details is the 2Oth May 2024.

You can also register online and update your details at www.voter.ie

For more information about Dun Laoghaire Rathdown please visit ( https://www.dlrcoco.ie/ )

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown on social media ( https://www.facebook.com/DunLaoghaireRathdownCountyCouncil/)

Extension of current Annual Returns arrangement

On Friday, the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation announced that the Registrar of Companies has decided to extend the current arrangement in relation to the filing of annual returns.

The Registrar had announced in March that all annual returns due to be filed by any company between 18th March and 30th June 2020 would be deemed to have been filed on time if all elements of the annual return were completed and filed by 30th June.

The Registrar has now decided to extend this arrangement until 31st October 2020.

Children and Education


On  Friday,  the  Department  of  Children  and  Youth  Affairs announced  a  number  of developments  to  assist  childcare  providers  and  parents to  plan  for  the  reopening  of services on June 29th

Expert guidance from the HSE  Health Protection  Surveillance Centre  (HPSC)  has been provided specifically for the childcare sector.  This guidance focuses on a “play pod” model, which restricts interactions between closed groups of children and adults as an alternative to social distancing, which is not possible with young children.

The purpose of ‘play-pods’ is to limit the number of people a child has contact with, to facilitate tracing, and to support close, positive interactions between children and their caregivers. Services will now be asked to apply the guidance to their setting and determine what capacity they may offer.  As  services  reopen,  the  Department  of  Children  and  Youth  Affairs  will  keep  the operation of the guidance under close review and take appropriate updated action as required.  The  Department  also  announced  which  children  would  be  eligible  to  resume  full  or part-time childcare services from 29 June.

Subject to local capacity, services are encouraged to support:

·  Children  of  health  and  social  care  workers,  other  frontline  workers,  childcare practitioners and parents who need access to childcare in order to return to work.

·  Vulnerable  children  sponsored  under  the  National  Childcare  Scheme(NCS)  (for example, children who are homeless and Tusla referrals) and children funded through legacy childcare schemes who are experiencing poverty, disadvantage or child welfare issues.

· Children with disabilities who previously attended part or full-time early learning and care, including those preparing to start school in September.

·  Children  previously  registered  in  childcare  services  on  March  12,  whose  parents continue to need childcare for employment or training purposes and who were assured that they would retain their place through conditions attached to the Department’s Temporary Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme (TWSCS).

If  capacity  issues  emerge,  priority  should  be  given  to  the  children  of  essential  or frontline workers.

Childminders will also be able to resume looking after children in the childminder’s home from June 29th, while complying with HPSC advice.

Irish Water

Irish  Water  has  confirmed  that  there  has  been  a  very significant  increase  in  water usage in the past week and in particular over the bank holiday weekend. We must all

prioritise handwashing.  Irish  Water is today  again  appealing  to  the public  and  to  businesses to make  every effort to conserve water by discontinuing non-essential usage such as the operation

of power-washers; by using a watering can rather than a hose in

the garden; by taking showers over baths; and by fixing any dripping taps where it is possible to do so.

It  is  now  very  likely  that  a  Water  Conservation  Order  (a  ‘hosepipe  ban’)  will  be necessary to conserve water supplies as demand for water continues to soar and the drought conditions continue.

27th May 2020

National Tidy Towns competition in 2020 has been cancelled by the Department of Rural and Community Development, as a result of ongoing public health concerns. In the circumstances, the Council has decided to not proceed with the county-wide Tidy Districts Competition in 2020. There will therefore be no need to submit an application to the Council by 29th May which was the deadline date.

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May 2020

Financial support to local businesses affected by the Covid Pandemic.

3 month waiver of rates for certain businesses

Commercial rates for a three month period beginning on 27 March 2020 , for all businesses that have been forced to close due to Public Health requirements will be waived. The Exchequer will fund councils for this initiative.

The position post 27 June 2020 will be considered as part of a wider review of options, to support enterprises and employment, and associated local authority funding implications

Restart Fund

The technical details of the Scheme and how the fund will be administered will be developed by the relevant Government Departments in the coming weeks.
It appears that the Scheme will be linked to ongoing engagement and employment of staff and may be implemented via commercial rates rebate / waiver where businesses would receive no more than the equivalent of their 2019 rates bill capped at €10,000 per business.

April 2020


An Bord Pleanála has refused permission in respect of Strategic Housing Development case number ABP-306471-20 – Aiken’s Village, Stepaside, Dublin 18.

Sandyford Road, Dublin