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I am living in Sandyford for more than 16 years and living in Ireland more than 22 years. I decided to run election in 2019 with the desire to make positive changes to our ward and County so that my kids and your kids can have access to amenities & facilities and make our County  a better place to live & work.

In the last election of 2019, residents of Glencullen & Sandyford elected me because they not only believe in me but also trusted me that I will not let them down. I did not promise anything to them, but I said one thing that I will bring changes to our beloved County where my kids and your kids are growing up. I always believe action speaks louder than words and if I am doing things that matter most, I do not need any propaganda or promotion.

I raised numerous questions/motions on different issues that will eventually benefit the citizens of this ward and County. Affordable Housing. Hybrid Passenger Ships, Youth Centres, Children’s Playground, Rooftop Gardens, Noise Reduction Measures, Planting more tress in high density areas, more community and open spaces, facilities for more schools, GP centres, Creches, Public realm, better broadband in rural areas, preserve more trees, traffic calming measures in different areas, bicycle parking stands, sustainable transportation, repairing footpaths, facilities and intervention specialist for physically challenged young people, proper use of derelict/vacant site, cleaning up derelict site, developing parks and playgrounds, multipurpose pitch, more sport facilities and a lot of other things. My kids and your kids are the future of this county and Country. We need to ensure a better place for them.

Please don’t waste your vote. Vote number 1 to the right person who can get things done. Vote someone who is passionate and don’t make empty promises. Please select the person who will put people first and work on issues affecting us all.

Housing is my core issue and will be always. I have spoken about it many times in the Council chamber. I advocate a lot for more affordable housing for this area.

Even on 13th May 2024 I have spoken about it. Video as below

More affordable housing for our ward and County!

Only few videos I made to let you know some key issues around our area.

Sentinel Building in Sandyford, new planning permission granted to build

Children playground within 1km catchment area

More community facilities within Sandyford

Sandyford Road, Dublin